Our Story

“How much of human life is lost in waiting.”

― Ralph Waldo Emerson

Hello, and welcome! We’re Dave and Lorrie, and for the last year, we have been living in our 2018 Grand Design Imagine while our 1966 Vintage Airstream was undergoing restoration and updated to carry us through all our adventures. We hope you’ll take the time to join us on YouTube and Social Media. We have some exciting destinations planned for this year and beyond!

How we became avid travelers is easy to understand, but how we got to this adventure needs some explaining. We hope that you might find some inspiration in our story.

Not unlike many of you, we spent as much time as possible traveling wherever we could and whenever — long weekends exploring popular destinations in Texas. At least once a year, we would take an extended trip, usually to Disney World, Key West, or a Caribbean cruise. We had fun, made lifelong memories, and loved to travel.

It was never enough. We became tired of wasting life waiting, not unlike the millions of other families that have embraced the nomadic lifestyle. We knew others were living their dream.

There must be a way?

We met Marc and Trish from Keep Your Daydream in Grapevine, TX, got some excellent advice and encouragement. So, we picked a date. Well, it was more like we selected a month.

The huge blessing was our mortgage was clear. The housing market for our area was up and moving fast. So, all we had to was downsize and sell the house. Downsizing was the most challenging step, but we managed it without getting a divorce or killing each other.

The Grand Design Imagine was perfect for an interim trailer that we could sell when the Airstream was ready. The tow vehicle was next, and this took a couple of months to find a used F150 that would tow both rigs.

1966 Vintage Airstream
Ready to lift the shell and work on the frame

What's next?

We had a start, a gifted 26′ 1966 Vintage Airstream Overlander. Unused and stored in a grove of Pin Oaks in Chico, Texas. That was our new home! But, it would need more than just a cosmetic overhaul.

We watched all the videos we could find on YouTube about Airstream restoration. We had neither the skills or the location to undertake such a big project, so we started looking for certified Airstream shops that specialized in vintage trailers. We decided on A&P Vintage Trailer Works in Paradise, Tx.

So, we towed it over to their shop in July 2017 to get in line and wait for our turn.

And that's it!

We had buyers within a week and moved into the Grand Design in August 2018. Full-time RV life was a decision we have never regretted. With the Airstream nearly completed, we are ready for the adventure to accelerate. We hope that you will consider joining us.

Thanks, Dave & Lorrie
Grand Design Imagine 2670mk