Thetford RV Ladder Mount System

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Thetford RV Ladder Mount System

Universal System: Bike Rack, Chair Rack, etc.

If you do a lot camping, full time or part time, at some point you may run out of space for you essentials camping items. The problem with carrying some items inside the RV is that may bring in a lot of dirt. When it’s time to checkout and head home, the last thing you want to do is clean muddy bicycle tires.

There are a lot of dedicated ladder bike racks, but sometimes you may need to carry something else. A universal system allows you the flexibility you need on the road.

The Thetford RV Ladder Mount attaches securely with metal brackets and screws on your RV ladder. Made from aluminum and weighting 5lb, it adds little weight to the ladder. But, it has a 50 lb carrying capacity.

Note: Always follow the weight limits of any ladder rack system. Stay under manufacturers rated weight limit of the ladder. Securely attach all items.

Perfect Tote Carrier

This is one of the first items we purchased when we started full time RV living. The Barker Blue came first. We often stay at campgrounds with no sewer, and that’s not a problem if you’re set up correctly.

The Thetford RV Ladder Mount System made life a lot easy when hauling a 32 gallon portable waste tote.

Here’s What I Like :

  • Freed up the back of truck for smaller items and increased our storage capacity
  • A much more sanitary option than inside the trailer
  • It was quick and easy to install with secure brackets and screws
  • It’s easy to move the arms for ladder access
  •  Can be used for carrying Bikes or Chairs when not hauling a tote
  • Very little weather oxidation in 2 years

You should have this if you;  are planing  on camping in State Parks, National Parks, U.S. Army Corp of Engineer Campgrounds or Dry camping

Note: If you’re interested in the best wheel stabilizer for RV trailer, check out the BAL X-Chock Wheel Stabilizer.

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